Friday, June 18, 2010

Holding my baby's ashes

Hi Jacob,

I am sitting here holding your ashes instead of feeling you grow inside of me.

This is so unfair.....

We are burying your ashes in the Memorial Garden at the church. I think Grandma, Aunty Laurie and I picked out a nice spot for you under a tree. Little Sam M. is buried there as well. I'm glad to know that you are being buried near another little angel. I hope you, Sam S., Sam M. and all of the other angel babies are all together in Heaven now. I think about you all the time and their Mommy's think about them all the time.

I will come and visit you alot. It is so strange that we did our wedding pictures in the same garden last year and now we are burying our little baby boy there. I was dreaming about you even at our wedding (and years before that). The garden had so many happy memories for us, now it seems like everything is tinged with sadness.

Loving you and missing you ALOT,


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Michelle said...

It's not fair...Thinking of you