Monday, June 28, 2010

For you...

Fleetwood Mac - Songbird

Amanda told me about this song a few weeks ago and it makes me think of you. Especially the chorus.

I got two nice surprises today. Amanda gave Grandma a card and necklace to give me. We haven't received any cards for 2 weeks so it was nice to get another one. The necklace that she got for me is really nice. It is a heart with two little foot prints on one side and your name engraved on the other. There is a little pearl hanging off the chain beside the heart. I am touched that she went to the trouble of choosing a necklace and having it engraved. It made my day.

Your Grandma wrote another poem for you, which also made me really happy. I know that others remember you, but I feel like I am the only one who thinks about you every single day. So that fact that Grandma has been working on a poem for you for the past week really touched me. I asked her to read it to me while I was at work. I should have waited until I got home, but I wanted to hear it right away. When she asked if I liked it, I couldn't answer at first because I was crying. I love it. It isn't finished yet, but here it is:

I saw you running in the hall
Laughing and calling out to all

Later on we were in the street
Moving smoothly with those dancing feet

One day you walked in the sand
Holding cousin Benny’s hand

At night you would go to Mom and Dad
Telling them what fun you had

I know my darling angel baby
what could have been was not to be

God took his wee one home so soon

You must be special little one
For God took you to himself right away

Now you are in heaven above
Waiting and watching for the ones you love.

Missing you as always sweetie, but today has been better than yesterday.



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Violet1122 said...

That's a beautiful poem. Your Mom has a way with words. Thanks for sharing with us!

I'm glad you got your necklace - it always makes me feel better to have something about my babies with me. I hope the necklace brings you some comfort.

((Big hugs))