Friday, April 22, 2011

April 22, 2010 - Home inspection

April 22, 2010 was our home inspection. We got there early and sat in the parking lot of the school across the road to wait for the home inspector and to make sure that the owners were out. The home inspector was already there and had already started looking at the garage. Wilma (our realtor) pulled up, with coffee for Ted and a juice for me, and we all went in. We walked around with the inspector and Ted was taking pictures and happened to get a picture of me in one of them. The only picture of me in the house with Jacob in my belly.
15 weeks pregnant and so happy

I think we went to Artisano's for lunch after and I chose my sandwich carefully to make sure it was a healthy one for my baby. 

The first time back in the house, which was in August, after Jacob died, I didn't even want to go upstairs. As I stood on the spot that I was standing on in this picture, I cried. Then I went to the room that would have been his nursery and cried some more. 

April 22, 2011

Today we went to church. I really tried to pay attention to the sermon, but just couldn't. I kept thinking about Jacob. There was a baby behind us who cried off and on. A reminder that we should have been there with a baby too. Not that we need any reminder.

Afterwards, we went to the garden. The flowers are slowly starting to grow.

Last weekend, Ted and I were in Zeller's looking at things for the garden and we found this:

We both thought it would be cute near the pond. It is solar and the shells light up at night.

So at night, I look out the back door window and see three little lights shining in the darkness.

We especially like it for who it can represent. Our three lost babies. There is no room for a 4th turtle. The next baby has to live.

I also found the necklace that I have been searching for for months last weekend. I couldn't stop smiling for about 20 minutes. I was so relieved. I kept thanking Jacob for helping me find it.

Feeling sad today, but that isn't anything new. Tomorrow is our family dinner, minus 3.


The Wellman's said...

I LOVE the turtles and agree it's perfect and glad there is NO MORE ROOM!

LauraJane said...

No room for more turtles indeed. :)

Elaine said...

The turtles are so sweet! Your next baby doesn't need a space on the log because it will be trying to get at the turtles when he/she plays in the backyard!
This is our first Easter minus one.

Becky said...

Love the turtles also but agree with everyone else, there is no need for anymore
Try to have a good Easter

cullensblessings said...

I love the turtles.. and the picture of you and your husband.. so precious.

Drew's Parents said...

You found the necklace!! Where was it!? I am so glad that you found it. <3 I know that must have felt really good.
You look so beautiful and happy in the picture of you on the stairs. There was so much to be excited about. <3 <3 <3 I am hoping and praying that you will soon be experiencing similar excitement and happiness...although I know it will be very different.
The turtles are so precious and perfect! I am glad you found that...It is always so comforting to find items to honor our little ones! Sending you lots of love this week!

viji said...

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