Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17, 2010

On April 15, we looked at the house online that we ended up buying.

We went to see the house, and a few others, on April 17th. This was the first time that we went out with our realtor, because she had been on vacation for a month. We had been going to open houses every weekend though, so we had seen alot of houses (including one where there was a 7 month pregnant realtor and I thought that I would look like her soon).

The one we bought was the first one we went too. We felt at home as soon as we walked in. We thought it would be perfect for our growing family and I decided which room would be the nursery right away. I worried that that backyard was oddly shaped and wondered where we would put a swing set, but figured we would work something out. The bathtub had (has) sliding glass doors, so I told Ted that I would want to change those when it came time to bathe the baby in the tub (now I write his name on the doors every time I have a shower). There is a school across the road and lots of parks nearby. And best of all, it was an 8 minute walk to my sister's house. Our kids would live so close to each other and be really close growing up. The school across the road is an English school, so we started thinking about whether we would send our baby there, which would be really convenient, or have him bussed to a French immersion school.

We went to see another house that we loved from the outside, but didn't care much for on the inside. We saw 2 townhouses, but kept thinking about the first house. So we called my parents and Laurie to come and see it. As luck would have it, Lindsay was also in town so she came too. We stood around the living room for awhile and then we decided that we wanted to put in an offer. Our realtor had to go to another open house that she was holding and said that she would have the papers there in a few hours.

We went to Laurie's for awhile, where Ted and I went over our budget to make sure we could afford the house. We all went to Zeller's for lunch. I had fries and gravy. I was nervous throughout the lunch. It was such a big step.

We got to the house that Wilma was showing and signed the papers. I was excited that our baby would grow up in Oakville, close to his grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousin. I was excited that we had finally done something concrete towards actually making it happen.


car said...

This has to be a tough one. I know still get choked up sometimes getting into my car which we bought when I was 7 months along because we were going to be a family of 4. Having your whole house be a reminder of what should have been can't be easy. Thinking of you.

Drew's Parents said...

Although our babies won't be growing up in our new houses like we had planned and hoped, they will always be there with us. <3 <3 <3 I am not sure I ever told you that we bought our new car when I was pregnant with Drew b/c my 91 Sable was finally failing. So much of what we did in 2010 (if not all) was for our little ones. Sending you big big big hugs!