Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ben brings up Jacob again

Laurie called me tonight, just as we were walking in the door. She said that Ben said something that she thinks I'll love.

I called her back right away and she said that she and Ben were listening to some Christmas carols. When "I Saw Three Ships" came on and it got to the line "The Virgin Mary and Christ were there", Ben said "and don't forget about Jacob!".

I love that boy. It has been awhile since Jacob has been mentioned around him or Ben had brought up Jacob's name. Then tonight, totally out of the blue, he said it. I'm so grateful that Laurie talks about Jacob to Ben. That he knows where Jacob is buried and recognizes the garden as Jacob's. That he knows that Jacob is in Heaven and that no one is afraid to talk about him for any reason.

Laurie said that she really likes to think of Jacob in that song. With the Virgin Mary and Christ. Safe and secure. I really like that thought too.

This has made me really happy tonight. I'm crying a little about it, but it has made me happy.

This is a picture of Ben and I, taken a few days ago. 


Mama Jen said...

This is so incredibly sweet. I love that Ben knows about Jacob and that your family talks about him and keeps his memory alive. :) That photo of you and Ben is so great too!

Anonymous said...

What a precious boy.. xo

Drew's Parents said...

How adorable! Ben is such a sweet boy. I bet he thinks about Jacob a lot more than anyone knows. I love that he pictures Jacob with Jesus and Mary. He knows too that Jacob is in a very special and protected place. The picture of you two is so cute! Sending you and your whole family lots of love!

Violet1122 said...

Ahhh so sweet! And he is a darling boy!

I don't have all the answers, but I know Jacob and your other babies are in a wonderful place.

Priscilla said...

Oh, I love that! This gave me the biggest smile! What a SWEET boy!