Wednesday, February 1, 2012

20 months

I saw this poem on a friends blog today and it describes how I feel really well. 20 months without him, only 4 months short of 2 whole years. It's still hard to believe sometimes. I think about him every day. Every day I see or hear something that reminds me of him.

I heard your voice in the wind today
and I turned to see your face;
The warmth of the wind caressed me
as I stood silently in place.

I felt your touch in the sun today
as its warmth filled the sky;
I closed my eyes for your embrace
and my spirit soared high.

I saw your eyes in the window pane
as I watched the falling rain;
It seemed as each raindrop fell
it quietly said your name.

I held you close in my heart today
it made me feel complete;
You may have died…but you are not gone
you will always be a part of me.

As long as the sun shines…
the wind blows…
the rain falls…
You will live on inside of me forever
for that is all my heart knows.


I love you baby boy. I'm always missing you. 


Mama Jen said...

this is so beautiful dana! it really resonates with me too. do you mind if i share it on my blog? thinking of you and jacob today.

lesliedp said...

This is so beautiful.. thinking of you and Jacob tonight. Thank you for sharing this...

Drew's Parents said...

I love that poem. I was thinking a lot about you and Jacob yesterday. I hope that the anniversaries are becoming more gentle. <3 Sweet Jacob will always be loved and remembered. Love you!

car said...

Sorry for being late but sending love to you and Jacob.